our service breakdown

Managed IT

Our IT service model is simple: We serve you as your technology partner by designing, building, and continuously managing all areas of your organization's IT operations, giving you confidence that your systems are secure and your teams can continue to deliver without being held back by technology issues. You can also download our data sheet by clicking the button below !

Data Sheet

Unified & Automated Endpoint Management/Security

Endpoint management should not be complicated, but organizations of all sizes are burdened by operational overhead, siloed and decentralized processes, information security compliance, and visibility when it comes to their endpoints, especially with the increase of remote working. Through years of experience supporting IT operations for startups and Fortune 500 alike, we have developed an automated, secure, and cloud-native solution to the endpoint management problem. Our Unified and Automated Endpoint Management solution reduces IT overhead with zero touch device management throughout the IT lifecycle. We put your endpoint management on autopilot without compromising on security or user experience. Centrally apply and continuously monitor and enforce security controls, achieve world-class malware protection and audit logging, improve the employee experience, and save significant time and money with Digital Frontier Solutions Endpoint Management.

Click to Deploy

Put your device setup process on autopilot with our advanced, zero-touch, fully automated device configuration process. Save countless hours setting up new laptops and transferring old ones.

Security & Configuration

Our engineers identify your security profile based on risk and compliance, then continuously apply, enforce, and monitor security controls on all your user and production endpoints.

Device Identity Synchronization

Stop wasting time with password resets: Device ID Sync enables your users to have one identity for their device and their apps, and securely manages root admin credentials on all endpoints.

Inventory & Visibility

Streamline asset management and monitor your devices in real-time in the customer portal: track and inventory remote and on-prem endpoints and continuously validate endpoint configuration compliance.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls are the first line of defense in the remote and cloud-native world, but implementing a strategy that meets compliance needs for regulated industries is a real challenge. Our IAM and cloud experts are here to help your organization get it right. Our team has experience designing, building, and assessing IAM controls for startups and Fortune 500s with multiple compliance framework requirements. We can help with implementing single sign-on, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), conditional access policies, role-based access controls (RBAC), and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Working with Digital Frontier Solutions for IAM support will dramatically streamline your user life cycle without compromising security and compliance and protect your sensitive systems at the edge.


Centralize user identities throughout your devices and apps and mitigate phishing attacks and password compromise by implementing cloud-based SSO and MFA.


Standardize your user onboarding process by defining standard user access profiles and role-based access controls throughout your IT operating environment.

Centralized Permission Management

Manage user permissions for all your devices and apps from a single dashboard and address access control compliance requirements with ease.

User Life Cycle

Fully automate your onboarding and offboarding processes, stop using manual checklists and empower your HR and IT teams with a powerful toolbox to supercharge user management.

Office 365/Google Workspaces Management

Configuring and managing Office 365 (O365) or Google Workspaces correctly is critical for business operations and information security. As a full-service IT partner, Digital Frontier Solutions can support your organization with deploying, securing, and maintaining your O365 and Google Workspaces environment. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, our team is ready to help. We can help with setting up your environment from scratch, assessing and improving your current security controls, continuously managing and monitoring your environment, migrating from on-premises exchange, or migrating between O365 and Google.


Whether you are currently running exchange on-premises or you have a complex multi-provider setup, our engineers will ensure that your user identities are managed consistently, no matter what stack you are running.

CIS Security Configuration

Office 365 and Google Workspaces are not secure by default. Our engineers will implement and validate Center for Internet Security (CIS) baselines to ensure that your cloud environments are securely configured.

Malicious Email Protection

Stop spam, malware, and phishing attacks before they get to your users by leveraging Office 365/Google Workspaces automated filters and Digital Frontier Solutions threat intelligence and expertise.

SharePoint & Workspaces

Enable seamless and secure collaboration between your employees, clients, and vendors and digitally transform your business with Office 365 and Google Workspaces cloud tools and solutions. Stop the tech headache and paperwork mess!

On-Premises Administration

At Digital Frontier Solutions, we are proud to serve local businesses in the Washington D.C. metro area. Our in-person IT engineering and consulting team can support all of your on-premises IT needs, whether you are planning to build a new network, migrating from one location to another, seeking to improve your existing security, or looking for a new partner to handle your current workload. We offer network administration and network design consulting for on-premises and hybrid networks, as well as on-premises to cloud migrations. Our team can improve your physical security using our extensive knowledge and experience gained from countless facility walkthroughs and security audits. We can help you design your on-premises IT operations to be scalable for the future. And most importantly, we provide world class customer service with a professional and friendly attitude, and we provide emergency support you can depend on for your business operations.


Our IT engineering experts will visit your location on-site to evaluate the current state of your IT operations and identify major security risks, operational challenges, inefficient use of resources, and opportunities to automate.


Once your dedicated IT engineer has assessed your environment, you will be assigned a team who will work to understand your business mission and requirements and define a roadmap for how to get there quickly.


When our roadmap is defined and all stakeholders are in agreement, our IT and Cloud experts will work with your team hands-on to build and deploy new technology to meet your IT goals.


Your dedicated IT and Cloud team is available to support the continued management of your new IT environment, whether you need us for just the first few months or if you want us to stick around long term.

IT Support

With on-demand IT support, ensure that your staff is connected and can get their work done without any issues. Our support is available to fix connectivity issues both on-site and remotely, as well as answering general questions. Our team is certified in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and Windows administration. We will ensure that your team has the support they need to get their work done without frustration. We also are available to support your patients while engaging in tele-health sessions. We make the effort to get to know your clinicians and build a positive relationship, so that everyone is happy.