Our Core Services

Here is an overview of all the core services we provide.

Modern Cloud Infrastructure and Security for a Modern Medical Practice

Digital Frontier Solutions specializes in providing a stable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure to medical practices. Our cloud infrastructure enables you to focus on providing your core services while enabling you to have an efficient IT setup for your organization. Utilizing Microsoft Azure, we deploy our unique 3 phase solution to protect your sensitive data, secure your environment, and enable you to quickly onboard new employees and retain data from past employees. Our hybrid cloud and on-site VPN ensures that your staff are connected to each other, no matter where they are working. With our mobile device management solution, you have the peace of mind knowing that your company devices are secure and backed up into a private and encrypted cloud, giving you full control of your data and employees.

We deploy Office 365 to provide your staff with secure email, and collaboration capabilities with Microsoft Teams. We configure your devices to be ready out of the box using Windows AutoPilot. We provide a full remote support service for all of your end users so they can complete their work with no obstacles. Our configuration backs up all user files into a secure cloud, preventing loss of files and easy sharing between employees.

HIPAA Compliance

Never worry about gaps in your compliance policy again with Digital Frontier Solutions HIPAA compliance as a service. Our unique service offering sits at the intersection of IT infrastructure and administrative compliance. When you partner with Digital Frontier Solutions, you are given an assigned HIPAA Security Officer that will be responsible for all communications necessary with the OCR. We handle any audits by the OCR, so that in the event of an investigation or breach, you can continue business as usual and not have to think about it. Because we both implement and maintain your IT infrastructure, our HIPAA compliance as a service offering is seamlessly integrated with your IT setup, meaning that you have full logging and reporting of all access to PHI.

  • Security Risk Analysis and Audits
  • Full logging and access reports
  • Unique User Identification and Authentication for PHI
  • Security Incident Response Plan
  • HITECH subtitle D Privacy Audits
  • Provable Data at Rest and In-Transit Encryption
  • Emergency Access Procedure
  • Security Awareness Training
  • And Much More

Our HIPAA compliance as a service offering is a full package, with every legal requirement for IT covered. Your infrastructure will be secure and fully compliant with the law, and our team will ensure that you have all the documentation required in the event of an audit. You can rest assured knowing that we will defend your business from being listed on the HIPAA wall of shame, and prevent you from incurring any fines as the result of an audit.

EMR Management and Customization

Our in-house team of technicians are experienced working with EMR software, and we are skilled in working with EMRs to implement efficient procedures. Your staff will have access to a support team trained in your EMR software, so that they can quickly get answers to any questions they may have during roll-out of new features or existing procedures. Our team is knowledgeable about the ASAM Continuum and clinical documentation requirements at the state level, and we can ensure that your EMR is capable of maintaining compliance with those standards so that you can provide the highest level of care. Contact us for an individualized consultation to find out how we can improve your clinical documentation and billing process within your EMR.

IT Support

With on-demand IT support, ensure that your staff is connected and can get their work done without any issues. Our support is available to fix connectivity issues both on-site and remotely, as well as answering general questions. Our team is certified in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and Windows administration. We will ensure that your team has the support they need to get their work done without frustration. We also are available to support your patients while engaging in tele-health sessions. We make the effort to get to know your clinicians and build a positive relationship, so that everyone is happy.

Our support team is here to help your organization run as efficiently as possible. We are passionate about helping others with their technology needs, and our level of support speaks for itself.

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